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Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaner

  • Rich bubbles, rapid disintegration, removal of odour, no stimulation, no skin damage, antibacterial, a decontamination effect is 3 times that of ordinary cleaners.
  • A clean washing machine can wash out clean clothes.
  • The main components: peroxide, surfactant, bio-enzyme, sodium bicarbonate

Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets

Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets - ShoppingSurfer
Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets - ShoppingSurfer
Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaning Tablets - ShoppingSurfer
  •  Suitable for both Front load and Top Load Washing Machine
  •  Deep clean washing machine from inside out
  • Increases the Washing Machine life by descaling the slug and hard water silt
  • Just use 1 Tablet for cleaner Washing Machine for months
  •  Replaces bad smell with Mild lavender fragrance.
  •  Designed to dissolve and remove cloth's residues

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Is your Washing Machine smelling bad?

Our Washing Machine takes care of all the dirty clothes of our house. But what do we do to take care it?

Due to non-maintenance, there is a layer of clothes' lint, dirt and hard water's scale deposit on the Washing Machine Drum which causes Bad smell. 


DaddyClean Washing Machine Cleaner Tablets

Works for both Front & Top Load Washing Machine

Reduces Yearly
Electricity Bills

Deep Cleans
Toughest residue

99.9% of

Increases Washing Machine
 Life by upto 2 yrs*

Increases Washing Machine Life

Our antibacterial Daddyclean's tablets are easy to use, more powerful than any other cleaner, and quickly destroy any odor and bacteria causing residues and replaces it with Lavender fragagnace.

Proudly Make in India (One more reason to Buy from Us)

Is your Washing Machine dirtier than Toilet?

According to a report, our washing machine is second most polluted part of our home(only next to Toilet) .

We believe that using detergents and fabric conditioner in our washing machine keeps clothes clean...but we are wrong there is layer of bacteria, mold, dirt & clothes' residue which ultimately cause very bad smell.

Better than bleach and cheaper products sold which are good for nothing.

Works with all the Washing Brand like

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Why should I care about Washing Machine's  Drum?

  • Washing Machine Drum is most important part of the machine.
  • Hard Water and cloth's lint damages the Drum from inside.
  • Life of Washing machine depends on Washing Machine's Drum

How to Use DaddyClean Tablets on my Washing Machine?

1. Put 2 Daddyclean Tablets in the Washing machine Drum(For First Use)

3. Press Tub-Clean button on Washing Machine & let it run one complete cycle.

3. Wipe clean the drum and rubber gasket & enjoy Lavender Fragrance

Removes Bacteria from first wash

Daddyclean Washing Machine Cleaner removes 99.9% of bacteria and other pathogens after just first wash cycle. 

For All (Front/Top Load) Washing Machine

Safe to use with Automatic and semi-Automatic Front Load Washing Machines and Top Load Washing .

DaddyClean Tablets

  • Made in India
  • Will Break Up Residue & Dirt
  • Nice Lavender lasting Fragrance
  • Removes 99.9% of bacteria
  • Hands-Off Solution



  • Made in China
  • Good for nothing
  • No effect on Bad Smell
  • Not anti-bacterial
  • Getting Our Hands Dirty

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Question on your Mind??

Does Daddyclean's Tablets really Work?

Here’s some of the impressive feedback we’ve gotten about Daddyclean Washing Machine Tablets
from our Happy Customers

Extra ₹100 OFF for Prepaid order(Auto-Applied)

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