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DaddyClean™ Tiles, WashBasin and Ceramic cleaner

DaddyClean™ Tiles, WashBasin and Ceramic cleaner

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Bathroom Tiles dirty before Festive Seasons?

DaddyClean Tiles, Washbasin, and Tub Cleaner Spray is a high-quality rapid active cleaner and degreasing solution for use on tiles, bathtubs, washbasins, concrete, etc.

It is used to clean whitish spot/ layer as normally observed in the bathroom under plastic/ metal buckets (normal detergent is not helpful) with ease. It is also used as rapid removal of white-yellowish spot/layer along with water stains over tiles, cement stains, grime, oil, paint stains, grease, moss and wax from concrete, asbestos, terrazzo, and ceramics.

Where to use DaddyClean Tiles and Tub Cleaner?

  • High-quality detergent-based cleaner and degreasing solution (mildly acidic) for use on tiles, bathtubs, washbasin, and concrete etc.
  • Whitish spot/layer as normally observed in the bathroom under plastic/metal buckets (normal detergent is not helpful) can be removed with ease.
  • Areas of Application: Cleaning of the surface of floors in kitchen, bathrooms, garages, factories, general building sites etc. where efficient cleaning is required.
  • Ideal material for cleaning the surface before application of epoxy products.
  • Cleaning for degreasing tiler in bathroom, toilets, washbasin etc.
  • Can be used for routing tile cleaning with the mop in bathroom and floors


Product Features

  • Easy to use - just spray & clean the surface.
  • Removes difficult stains easily – Fast & effective. 
  • Degreases the tile surface easily for soaps, scum, efflorescence, mineral deposits. 
  • Cleans all types of tile like ceramic, porcelain & vitrified tile and grout. 
  • Protects the color & shine of tile. 
  • Does not damage joints between ceramic tiles, even those grouted with colored products. 
  • Not harmful like acid.


Causes serious eye irritation.


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